Company Officers

Executive Officers

Harold M. Messmer, Jr.
Executive Chairman of the Board

M. Keith Waddell
Vice Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Paul F. Gentzkow
President and CEO, Talent Solutions

Joseph A. Tarantino
President and CEO, Protiviti

Robert W. Glass
Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Michael C. Buckley
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer


JoLynn M. Conway-James
Senior Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer

Susan L. Haseley
Chief ESG and DEI Officer

James C. Johnson
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Evelyn T. Crane-Oliver
Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Stephen M. Hilton
Senior Vice President, Finance and Treasurer

Christopher M. Hoffmann
Senior Vice President and Global Privacy Officer

Mark F. Jamati
Senior Vice President, Tax

Tami A. Munns
Senior Vice President, Finance Operations

Christopher C. Nelson
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Brian C. Ochipinti
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Protiviti

Micah L. Reinhold
Senior Vice President, Finance

Lynne C. Smith
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Compensation

Stephanie L. Sweet
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications