Resumania™: Are You Looking for a Good Job – or a Lifeboat to Save You From a Bad One?

By Robert Half on October 6, 2014 at 7:00am

Hiring managers are drawn to job applicants who show strong interest in the open position as well as in-depth knowledge of the company. That’s why researching a prospective employer and writing a targeted resume and cover letter is so critical.

What you absolutely don’t want to do is send a message that you’re simply looking for any job that will enable you to escape your current employer. Your reason for wanting to leave should never be your focus. Hiring managers want assurances that a candidate is enthusiastically running to their company — not desperately running away from a bad situation.

These job seekers did themselves a disservice by highlighting their dissatisfaction:

COVER LETTER: “I will do anything to get out of my job. I am tired of being the sacrificial lamb.”

This person isn’t sheepish about expressing frustration.

“OBJECTIVE: Looking for any employer that doesn’t stink like mine.”

That’s one way to burn a bridge.

COVER LETTER: “My wife has a business, and I have been working for her, although I really would like to have time outside this environment. We are spending way too much time together!”

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

COVER LETTER: “The ONLY thing tying me to my current position is the vast amount of vacation time we receive. It’s pretty incomparable. If your company can’t match it, I’ll negotiate compensation.”

How gracious of you.

COVER LETTER: “I am scheduled to start a new job next Monday with a top-tier company, and I DON’T WANT THE GIG! This is my last ditch attempt to land a position with a company that’s going to feel more like a home and less like the cold, sterile place I’m headed for.”

It’s a job offer, not a prison sentence.

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