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By Robert Half on May 12, 2017 at 8:44pm

Administrative professionals are the members of your team who keep operations running smoothly, and they’re often on the front lines of customer interactions. That's why losing an administrative staff member or encountering unanticipated surges in workload can create tough administrative challenges for you. A professional admin staffing agency helps you handle these situations so you can focus on other priorities.

Here's how our OfficeTeam professionals recommend handling five typical administrative challenges.

1. Vacations

There are several reasons to encourage employees to take vacation time. Overall productivity and job satisfaction improve when people have a chance to relax and recharge. But employee absences can cause gaps that other staff may be stretched too thin to cover. Bringing in temporary workers to bridge those gaps helps keep things running smoothly. While the idea of getting a temporary professional up to speed may seem like an additional administrative challenge on top of staffing the vacancy, you may be surprised how easy it actually is.

Specialized staffing agencies like OfficeTeam work exclusively with administrative professionals, meet dozens of new candidates face-to-face each week and maintain a roster of professionals who are able to perform a variety of admin roles. Many of those candidates have extensive experience filling in for vacationing receptionists and administrative assistants, so they can step into similar roles at unfamiliar companies with ease.

Many experienced workers choose to make a career out of interim work so they can take time off when they need to — something a full-time job might not allow. "We have many candidates who prefer to work on a temporary or project basis because they have other things going on in their life, or they like to travel or need certain months of the year off," says Brenda Arce, vice president of OfficeTeam.

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2. Leaves of absence

As an employer, you're sympathetic and supportive when an employee has to take time off for maternity/paternity leave, extended illness or other personal matters. Still, doing without a star player in your lineup can leave you scrambling.

Covering a leave of absence may seem daunting, but specialized staffing agencies can help you conquer such administrative challenges. Agencies can pre-evaluate candidates who are able to fill in for a few weeks or several months until your full-time employee returns. Plus, working with a temporary candidate long-term provides a great opportunity for you to evaluate his or her on-the-job performance in the event that the incumbent doesn't return, or you need to fill a similar position in the future.

3. Busy seasons and special projects

If your company experiences seasonal peaks or lands a special project, bringing in temporary professionals can help relieve core staff during these times. Specialized staffing agencies can recommend candidates who have tackled similar projects and possess the skill set you need to round out your team on a project basis. And as a deadline approaches, it's easy to add staff at the last minute — even the same day.

"An employer can call OfficeTeam in the morning, and we can frequently have a skilled candidate out to assist by the afternoon," says Erin Drwal, assistant vice president of OfficeTeam. "This option of flexible staffing can help clients complete projects and tasks on time or even ahead of schedule."

4. The unexpected loss of an employee

If an employee quits unexpectedly, you'll be saddled with simultaneously getting a handle on in-progress work and finding a replacement — often with as little as two weeks' notice. A specialized staffing agency can not only recommend experienced candidates looking for temporary-to-full-time work but also have candidates ready for you to meet the very next day. This quick turnaround may even allow time for your outgoing employee to help onboard your new hire.

OfficeTeam also can provide an interim solution while you decide the best way to staff the vacancy. "With an employee leaving, a company may decide to revamp the role, restructure the department or combine positions," Drwal says.

5. Increased workloads

Companies often have to staff vacancies and add new administrative positions at a faster pace to keep up with rising workloads. That means you can have a tough time landing the best employees, whether you're looking for temporary or full-time help. "Because the market has changed so much, many of my clients have difficulty finding the right candidates," Arce says.

Arce has seen employers invest a significant amount of time in advertising a position, interviewing and making a selection, only to have a candidate leave after a few days to pursue another opportunity. But she says OfficeTeam can often head off such administrative challenges. "We're able to have conversations with candidates we've placed to make sure they're feeling happy," she says. "If there's anything they're not getting from the position, we can communicate it with the client." And if the candidate does eventually leave, OfficeTeam can have another candidate waiting in the wings to minimize work disruptions.

Turn to OfficeTeam to keep your workflow smooth

Even if your company offers competitive salaries and benefits, great workplace perks and a fantastic office culture, employees will come and go. Establishing a strong relationship with a specialized staffing agency helps you turn administrative challenges into minor hiccups in your workflow.

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