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Expense Report Madness: Dance Classes, Ski Trips and … a Welder?

Companies need to carefully monitor their costs, and make sure employees are reimbursed appropriately for legitimate job-related expenses. But when workers submit improper expense report requests like these, it’s enough to make a chief financial officer scream (or laugh out loud, and then scream).

No Time to Waste

We asked CFOs how much time they give new hires to prove themselves on the job. See our infographic for the survey results.

CFOs and CIOs Team Up More Often

We asked CFOs whether they collaborate with CIOs more or less than they did three years before. View the infographic for survey results.

It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call

What are hiring and salary trends like in 2017, and which professionals are in greatest demand and shortest supply? See the Robert Half infographic.