Retaining a Hybrid Workforce: 10 Employee Rewards and Recognition Ideas

By Robert Half on August 19, 2022 at 8:00am

In today’s competitive environment, 7 in 10 managers in the administrative and customer support fields are concerned about valued team members leaving for new opportunities. Celebrating employees’ contributions is one way leaders can help improve retention.

Hybrid teams of in-office and remote employees are now the norm in many companies, and leaders must find creative ways to thank them for their dedication and flexibility — and boost camaraderie — in an evolving workplace. 

Top Hiring and Retention Concerns

88% of managers said it is challenging to find skilled administrative and customer support staff, with the most challenging areas being:

  • Administrative
  • Management
  • Customer service/call center

69% of administrative and customer support managers work on a team that is either fully remote or contains a combination of remote and in-office staff.

27% of senior managers said their greatest management challenge is keeping employees motivated and engaged.

Source: Robert Half surveys of more than 250 managers working in the administrative and customer support fields and nearly 2,400 senior managers in the U.S.

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10 employee rewards and recognition ideas

Not sure how to best show your staff members that you value them? Here are 10 time-tested employee rewards and recognition ideas.

  1. Celebrate important milestones. Hold a virtual celebration to recognize achievements. Arrange for festive treats to be delivered.
  2. Put it in writing. Acknowledge employees’ contributions in an email or certificate. Copy key executives for more exposure.
  3. Host regular check-in meetings. Schedule videoconferences or in-person meetings to encourage face-to-face communication and foster connections.
  4. Highlight successes formally. Cite specific accomplishments during performance reviews, including reinforcing the type of work you want to see.
  5. Support professional development. Offer tuition assistance for professional courses or certifications. Provide reimbursement for industry association memberships, conferences and publications.
  6. Touch base. Engage with remote and on-site staff regularly to ask how they are doing and to acknowledge their contributions.
  7. Reward them. Nominate staff for external and internal accolades and encourage peer nominations. Feature top performers in the company newsletter.
  8. Give the gift of time. Consult with your HR and legal departments for this one, but given the okay, encourage team members to log off early on Friday and offer additional time off or extra vacation days for jobs well done.
  9. Develop new leaders. Ask employees to mentor others. Promote from within when possible, and make sure team members know about career growth opportunities in the company.
  10. Introduce them to management. Invite company executives to join a team meeting or conference call. Arrange for team members to present project results.

What Companies Are Doing to Help Retain Employees:

52% - Increasing compensation (i.e., higher salaries or bonuses)

46% - Increasing recognition efforts

45% - Allowing employees to work remotely

41% - Expanding/enhancing professional development

33% - Accelerating promotions or job title changes

31% - Letting employees choose their work hours/schedule

Source: Robert Half survey of nearly 2,400 senior managers in the U.S.

© 2022 Robert Half. An Equal Opportunity Employer. M/F/Disability/Veterans.

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