Looking for Contract IT Jobs? Here’s How to Find Them

By Robert Half on January 31, 2022 at 7:00am

Research for Robert Half’s Salary Guide found that businesses recovering from the pandemic are bringing in contract professionals to help their core teams launch new projects and initiatives.

The demand for professionals in the tech sector is especially high, and in order to bring in top talent, more companies are turning to specialized recruiters. Now may be just the time for you to find out how contract IT jobs are good for your career.

Benefits of taking contract IT jobs

For one, it’s crucial for IT pros to constantly build their skill sets, and a contract IT job can expose you to new apps or increase your knowledge of a programming language you already know. And for recent college graduates who don’t have as much experience, a contract role can help build your IT skills, making you more marketable.

Another benefit of a contract tech role are networking opportunities. Colleagues and managers can help you locate other positions and recommend you for them. They may even hire you for a permanent position at their firm.

For someone with an employment history gap, a contract IT position can be an effective way to make connections and build skills necessary for a permanent job.

Simplify your IT job search

If you decide that a contract IT job is a good option for you, how do you go about finding one?

Robert Half offers resources to look for an IT job, whether it's on-site, hybrid or remote. Spending a little time on our site will give you a sense of the types of positions available along with the skills required.

Professional networking sites are also good resources. LinkedIn, for example, offers a robust search function that allows users to search by specialization and location, among other criteria. The most important filter for would-be contract professionals is Job Type, which you should set to “contract.” You can also signal to recruiters that you’re looking for opportunities by enabling the #OpenToWork feature from your profile.

Work with a talent solutions firm

Another idea is to connect with a talent solutions firm that specializes in placing technology professionals in contract IT jobs. This approach can offer many benefits to you, such as:

  • Finding the best match — Reputable talent solutions agencies evaluate your skills and experience and take time to understand your work preferences and career goals. This helps ensure you’re matched with contract IT jobs and a work environment you're likely to thrive in. And once the right opportunity appears, the firm can move quickly to place you.
  • Gaining an edge on the competition — Leading talent solutions firms maintain relationships with companies currently hiring, industry associations and technology professionals they’ve already placed. As a result, they often have the inside track on contract IT jobs before these positions are posted to the public, giving you a head start over your competition.
  • Taking care of the details — With the resources of a talent solutions firm behind you, you can focus on your career instead of on the logistics of working as a contract employee.

Why choose Robert Half?

If you want to work with a well-established talent solutions firm, consider Robert Half. We place highly skilled candidates in permanent and contract IT jobs across all areas of expertise, including big data, mobile development and cybersecurity.

Registering with Robert Half connects you to our network of strategic partners, such as Microsoft and also with HDI, an association for technical support professionals. You'll gain access to career resources like salary data and market research, as well as online IT training opportunities that can help you gain in-demand tech skills.

Find your next technology job

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